Blackriver GmbH

After coming back from a trip to the US in 1998 with his first plastic fingerboard, Blackriver founder Martin Ehrenberger quickly realized that almost every skateboarding trick can be replicated 1:1 with a fingerboard. He then conducted his market research, to find out that there was not one supplier of professional fingerboarding equipment in the whole world. That marked the beginning of Blackriver. Being a trained carpenter, Martin then built the first fingerboard ramp, the all-time classic, Big Mama. Blackriver was founded in 1999, and in 2002, Denise Hermann and Martin Ehrenberger partnered together to develop the family owned company even further. Through numerous events and worldwide marketing, Blackriver quickly became the first producer of professional fingerboard equipment. In 2010, Blackriver GmbH became official, and is since the beginning 100% skater / fingerboarder owned. Blackriver was the first company in the world that recognized fingerboarding as an official sport, and advanced the pioneering of fingerboarding.